Welcome to our community!

Nelson Community Acupuncture is part of a growing international movement dedicated to providing affordable, accessible and effective healthcare. We are a part of a growing network of Community Acupuncture clinics with the same goal of making acupuncture affordable and accessible so we can change the way healthcare is viewed in communities abroad and empower individuals to engage fully in their healing process.

Nelson Community Acupuncture Hours
Day Hours Practitioner
Monday 8:30pm-5:30pm Ryan
Tuesday 1pm – 8pm Ryan
Wednesday 8:30pm-5:30pm  Ryan
Thursday 1pm – 8pm Ryan
Friday 8:30pm-5:30pm Ryan

We are located at: 626 Front Street in the West Arm Plaza with
Shane Taylor Chiropractic

Phone: 250-354-4100


Welcome to our community! — 4 Comments

  1. The acupuncturists offering their time here are angels & the fact its offered at an affordable rate is a true blessing to those who need it the most in these hard time.Thank you for being there. Metta

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