Invisible Receptionist

At Nelson Community Acupuncture we ask our patients to be responsible for their own booking and payment duties by using our invisible receptionist system:

  • To book appointments please call us at 250-509-1466 or if you happen to be at the clinic you can make your own appointment time by writing your first name and last initial into our appointment book at the time of your choice. Please note: if you are booking your first visit to the clinic please come 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork.
  • When you arrive for your treatment, please use a quiet voice when speaking inside the clinic to respect the other people being treated in the room.
  • After you have removed shoes and outerwear, we ask that you pay before your treatment by placing cash or cheque into our payment box and recording the amount you paid beside your name. Receipt books are placed on the reception table for you to write your own receipts.
  • After you have received a treatment your Acupuncturist will usually recommend a treatment plan of a number of visits. Please book yourself in for treatment if possible at the reception table. Walk ins are welcome but to insure a time, booking ahead is best.
  • If you quality for MSP coverage and would like to use it to help pay for your treatments you need to pay a minimum of $23. We can provide you with the necessary form for reimbursement. Forms are usually sent out after about 5 treatments.

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